Rolling a Double Kayak

Double kayaks are extra tricky to roll. Both paddlers must be skilled, and their actions must be co-ordinated. But with one BackUP each, and making sure that both BackUP's surface on the same sideof the kayak, righting a double is easy!

It's no problem to ensure that the BackUP rises on the most convenient side of the kayak. For a right-handed person, this means having the BackUP surface to the left side of their body (when they are upside down). The way to do this is simply to pull the BackUP handle and immediately move your fist to your left shoulder. When you lean on the BackUP (after it jumps to the surface) you'll find that it ends up being on the right side of the kayak once you're upright again!

In the following righting sequence, note that the person in the bow does not know how to roll. (He's not even a kayaker, but he was willing to try.) Even though the person in the bow has no rolling skill (comes up head first, a no-no), the wide double kayak was successfully rolled ... on the first try.

Click on the image to the left to activate a real-life righting sequence. (If that doesn't work in your browser press Reload or Refresh.)

The frames were shot 1/3 of a second apart.

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