Features and Specs

Each BackUP includes a CO2 cartridge, an Owner's Manual, and two straps for attachment to your kayak. Roll-Aid Safety Inc. uses only the very best materials for the construction of each BackUP . These are the components:

outer shell
Made of ultra-tough polycarbonate (white) with stabiliser against unltraviolet light, the shell is roughly the size of a can of 3 tennis balls. It has a slot-rail down each side to give a wide choice for placement of the two (black) attachment straps.
bag fabric
The bag inflates in the shape of a square cushion, and is 21 inches on each edge. It takes over 80 lbs. of weight to submerge an inflated BackUP. Made of 210 Denier nylon Oxford cloth (visible orange colour) coated with heat sealable urethane. Meets FAA specs for life vests --- same material as used in commercial and military life vests. Military Specification MIL-C-83489 Type 1.
The same inflator used in civilian and military life vests. Components are stainless steel, and meet performance requirements for inflation hardware as specified by the Air Transportation of America specification number 801, and the Federal Aviation Agency specifications: TSO-C-13D, TSO-C-13E
deflation valve
The oral tube valve is pushed in to allow draining of CO2, or oral inflation. Manufactured in accordance with MIL-0-81375B
CO2 cartridge
A large cartridge to provide ample volume and buoyancy. Specs: 68 grams of CO2, 1/2" thread, 95ml volume, filling density 80%, minimum burst pressure 6400psi

Every BackUP is manufactured in Canada to exacting quality standards, and individually inspected.

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