Roll-Aid Safety Inc.
Makers of the Backup self-righting aid for kayakers.

If your Eskimo roll fails, avoid the dangers and hassles of a wet-exit by pulling the handle of your BackUP. It will immediately inflate and hold your hand near the surface of the water so you can do a "solo Eskimo Rescue"!

But it's easier than an Eskimo Rescue because you don't have to wait around, upside down in the water, waiting for the rescue boat. And you don't have to feel around above the surface for the bow of the rescue boat once it does arrive. You know exactly where the BackUP is (you mounted it there), and it fully inflates within about 3 seconds of pulling its handle. The inflating bag jumps to the surface of the water beside your boat. The inflated BackUP floats very well (it takes over 80 pounds to sink it), so you can lean on it heavily.

Click on the image to the left to activate a real-life righting sequence. (Or press Reload or Refresh.)

Here the BackUP is strapped to the bungy cord tie-downs just ahead of the cockpit.

To study the individual frames in this sequence (shot 1/3 of a second apart), look here.

Are you wondering what is happening underwater? Look here.

The University of Sea Kayaking featured the BackUP self-rescue as a "skill of the month". They have some great underwater pictures.

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