You should have a BackUP because:

  • you can use it to avoid a dangerous and tricky wet-exit and re-entry, if your roll fails
  • having another self-rescue option is a good thing
  • it's a compact paddle-float (re-entry aid). Foam-block paddle floats use valuable deck space, and most other inflatable paddle-floats require that you spend extra time in the water orally inflating them.
  • it eliminates most of the timing problem in rolling a double kayak

Not only that, but:

  • it's a great conversation piece (until everyone has one)
  • the logo is so cool  -- it reads the same upside down or right-side up!

You should NOT have a BackUP if:

  • you're a complete beginner and panic when you capsize (it will be useless)
  • it's an excuse not to learn the Eskimo roll
  • the extra safety option it provides would lead you to challenge dangerous conditions
  • you're not strong enough to right yourself by hanging onto the side of a pool
    (People who cannot do this, and there are some, are in great danger when kayaking. It takes a certain amount of upper body strength to roll in any way, or even to re-enter a kayak after a wet-exit. If you can't stay in your boat, or get back into your boat ... think about it!)

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